Hey guys! Today's post is not super wonderful, but it's just of couple thoughts I've had over the past day that relate to music:

1.Who was the first person to sing in the shower? I was singing in the shower today, and I was thinking about the first person who had. Were they scared of singing in public? Or did they just really like the acoustics in their bathroom? Why is is such a cliche thing now to sing in your shower?

2.I really love the musical Wicked. Like a lot. Defying Gravity is my all-time favorite song, and I love it so much that I got a Wicked ornament to put on my tree.

3.I finally decided today what I wanted for Christmas. It is a modest list of about nine small things and one larger item. Out of the ten things on the list, seven of them are new records. I have a serious problem.

Told you today's post wasn't going to be very good, haha. That was my day's thought process in a nutshell, though. If you want, tell me your day in the comments!


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