Why do we love the kind of music we do? For me, it's a combination of things. I love great vocals. If you can sing, I don't care if you are singing the alphabet, I will love you. I love songs that I can relate to. Not all songs have to be about love. Songs that you can just lay back and listen to them and you're brought back to a time of fun with friends or family. Music should take your mind to a different place. I love originality. If nothing stands out in a song to me, what's the point? Being unique makes the song stand out in my mind. If we are just talking genres, I love the singer-songwriter type of music. Indie is something that has recently taken up a lot of space on my ipod, and pop songs are fun for just jamming. Folk music is really wonderful as well. Mostly I just like music with great, deep-rooted lyrics that might pull on your heartstrings a little bit and vocals that are above average. What makes you love music?


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