When you listen to a song or album do you really listen to it? What I mean is, do you casually like the beat of a song and sing along or do you look under the surface? I feel like you can listen to a song for years and never know some meaning behind it. Do you ever just listen to the banging of the drums, the clanging of the guitars, or the crashing of the cymbals? If you listen to songs in a way that it fills you up inside with some unknown epiphany, then I feel that is the best way to listen to it. I love when you get shivers from just listening. Maybe it is the writer in me, but I love to make up stories that go along with the lyrics as well. This post is a bit rambly, but I just feel like some people take songs at face value and never look deeper. Today, I was listening to a song that I had listened to a hundred times before, and from closely paying attention to certain aspects of the song, I gained a new perspective. I love the fact that with music you can always learn something new, and I love music that makes you really feel something. So take some time over the holidays to really listen to some favorite songs of yours, and you might be surprised to gain some new insight into it. This will be my last post before Thanksgiving, so Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for the opportunities I have been given and for my love of music. Please start leaving comments if you want. You can tell me what you're thankful for or just a response back to my posts. Happy Holidays!


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