Today's post is a bit of a rant. I totally respect all opinions on music, but when it comes to down right talent, I get a bit testy. There are so many artists now a days that are hugely famous, massively popular, and super wealthy, but they could not sing themselves out of a paper bag. It saddens me when I watch some Youtube videos of kids trying to get popular, and they have amazing voices, but they get like 200 views. I have no respect for musical artists that have based their whole careers off of auto tune. If you cannot sing well live then its not fair to the people with actual talent. I give so much credit to artists that have actually worked their way from the bottom to the top. The music industry is cut throat and rough. Some people get lucky, and that is great for them, but if they have no talent, then why are they trying to make a living off of a lie. I believe in doing what you are good at, and I honestly wish everyone with genuine vocal abilities had their chance to shine.


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