Today's post is going to talk about what I mentioned in an earlier post: music superiority. I hate when other's are judged for listening to certain artists. Lately girls have been made fun of for listening to Taylor Swift (which is not my cup of tea, but still). You might not like her music, but there is this thing called respect, and you should have it. Music has plenty of diversity to where you should not be able to meet a person with the exact same music taste as you, so why judge? It's your music taste for a reason. I also hate the fact that people have to have guilty pleasures. If you like a certain type of music, do not be ashamed. Embrace your individuality, and blast that song or artist. Now believe me when I say that sometimes I have a hard time with not acting superior for my taste in music. It's hard to not judge other sometimes, but just remember to keep yourself in check, and that music is supposed to be soothing and enjoyable. So get out of your comfort zone, and maybe listen to that one artist that you have always hated but maybe never taken the time to appreciate. You might be surprised to hear yourself humming along to the beat.


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