Sorry guys for the lack of posts the past couple days. Busy. Busy. Busy. But I do have a little different of a post today. I want to tell you about this music app that I am utterly obsessed with. It is called 8tracks, and it's literally just an app where people make playlists for different moments during the day. You can also get it on your regular home computer, but for me personally, I am always on the go, so it being portable is great. For me, I like to use playlists for doing homework, cooking dinner, relaxing, showering, and listening to some throwback jams. So if you couldn't tell, I use it a lot. There are also playlists for certain artists and artists like them. It's a really cool app, and I know what your thinking: "Why do I need an app when I already have music on my ipod?" Branch out. Listen to some things that maybe normally you wouldn't. Be educated in the different music genres and have diversity in your tastes. A music app is a great way to listen and find new music, and 8tracks is one of the greatest, in my opinion. So use it!! You won't be disappointed.


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