So today's post was going to be about having opinions on music and not acting like you are superior for liking a certain type or genre of music, but then I had to sit in the car with my parents for two hours, and I got a new idea. Music is an escape. As much as you have probably seen that saying on fancy hipster pictures, it is so true.Sitting in a car with my parents for five minutes is torture, but two hours was unbearable. I finally just put my ipod on and put in my headphones. I was listening to the Arctic Monkeys (a great band by the way, that I might post about later on) when I realized I was in a better mood after just one song. Listening to music and focusing on it makes you go through many different emotions. You think of the emotions the writer went through when he or she wrote the song. You think of what the artist thought of when they performed the song, and you think of what other people think of when they listen to the song. It is a lot of thinking, but it's kind of like therapy. Plug in your music, and you forgot your troubles and focus on others. I don't know if it is like that for other people, but it is for me. I got through a disastrous car ride, and I got to listen to the Arctic Monkey's full album (again, they're cool). So I hope music helps you through the hard times, and I will make a post on music superiority probably tomorrow. Have a good night!


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