First post is gonna feature the lovely, British, indie-rock band, The 1975. The 1975 have recently just came out with their debut CD creatively titled "The 1975". Imaginative title aside, the album is superb.  The album features 16 songs that include hits like "Chocolate" and "Sex". The album features upbeat songs as well as some more meaningful ballads. Some of my favorites include "Heart Out" and "She Way Out". The album has songs for everyone, as well as songs that you can't help but to love. Lead singer, Matthew Healy, has such a unique tone to his voice that, for me, I couldn't help but to be drawn in. The first song I ever heard from The 1975 was "Chocolate". At first, I was confused by the song and its odd title, but after really diving into The 1975's music, I have been consumed. It might take a moment, but really listen to this CD. You will fall in love.


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