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Harry Styles Goes Solo

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to write about something a little different. If you didn't already know, Harry Styles, former boyband heartthrob from One Direction, has gone solo and released a brand new single titled "Sign of the Times." I was going to just do a review of the new track, but Styles performed on Saturday Night Live last night and performed a second new track. I figured I would review the performance and the two new songs, so buckle in.

To begin with, I caught myself being shocked that Styles could act. This has nothing to do with his performances, but he was in a Celebrity Family Feud skit where he played Mick Jagger. Styles might have been over the top with his imitation, but it was funny and scarily accurate. Then I remembered he was cast in a Christopher Nolan film, so I guess it makes sense the boy can act.

When it came to his performance though, I was pleasantly surprised again. Styles' voice sounded so strong and confident. In the future, his voice…

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